Community Reminders & Updates

Community Reminders & Updates
Posted on 04/05/2021
Community Reminders & Updates

Community Reminders & Updates

Morning Health Procedures
Reminder to families who will be returning in-person: If your student/s have been traveling, be sure to be extra vigilant. Symptoms can occur between 2-14 days of exposure. If students and/or their families have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, please quarantine up to 10 days prior to returning to school. Please reach out to your Advisor and/or the office to inform us. During remote learning periods, families should use this form to report a positive case of COVID-19.

Health Screening Reminders
As part of our goal to minimize the risk of exposure, all persons entering the school building must be COVID-19 symptom screened. Here is what you can expect your child to experience at our morning health screenings:
 Our morning health screeners will greet your child every morning at their designated entry point.
 Each student will have their temperature taken and will be asked the following screening question when entering the school building each morning: Before you left home, did you have a cough, sore throat, or runny nose?
o If a student appears or indicates that they are symptomatic, or if they have a temperature of 100.4 F or higher, Stephanie, our Health Aide, will check-in with students inside the building in a designated medical safe room. A student could present as symptomatic or have a fever for any number of reasons. This check-in will include a rescreen.
o If a student is not symptomatic, they will be escorted to class.
o If the student continues to be symptomatic, they will be asked to step inside the medical safe room. At this time, parents and/or emergency contacts will be contacted so that the child can be picked up. A district nurse will also check in with parents/guardians to discuss next steps and when it would be safe for your child to return.

A good practice is to check in with your child before they come to school about how they are feeling. If they are indicating any symptoms or have temperature above 100.4, please keep them home.

If anyone in your child’s household has symptoms, your student will need to stay home until a negative COVID-19 test result comes in. Any positive test results will require the student to quarantined for 10 days and be symptom free before they can return to school.

New Mask Requirements
 In a continued effort to minimize the risk of exposure, students are asked to wear masks as they enter the building.
 Gaiter masks or buffs will no longer be allowed. These masks are often made of a looped fabric covering the neck and pulled over the mouth that allows for lots of particles to get in.
 Please contact your child’s advisor or Stephanie, our Health Aide, if you need assistance with getting the appropriate masks.

Start/End Times, Drop Off/Pick Up, and Health Screens
Thank you for your gracious support in the fall as we worked to untangle the many details for minimizing the risks to exposure to COVID-19. As we re-start our in-person learning for K-6 students, we would like to reiterate our entry/exit procedures and our health screening reminders.
* If a student arrives at school after 8:45 AM, they should come to the main entrance for health screening.
** This is the absolute latest a student can be picked up from school, please plan to arrive as close to your student’s school end time as possible for pick up.

AM Preschool: Health screening begins 8:30, school start time 8:30, school end time 11:30, students must be picked up by 11:40**.
PM Preschool: Health screening begins 12:15, school start time 12:15, school end time 3:15, students must be picked up by 3:25**.
AM Kinder: Health screening begins 8:25, school start time 8:30, school end time 11:00, students must be picked up by 11:00**.
All day Kinder - 8th grade: Health screening begins 8:25, school start time 8:30, school end time 3:25, students must be picked up by 3:45**.
Walkabout: Health screening begins 8:15, school start time 8:30, school end time 3:25, students must be picked up by 3:45**.

Drop Off Reminders
 Students will continue to enter through their designated doors.
 Drop-Off at the bus loop is to support students entering the east side entrances of the building (PK, KG, ELC, and IA). Please remember to pull all the way around to the east curve to drop-off your child. We ask that drivers do not park and walk students to the gate (HUG and GO zones). If you would like to park, the dirt parking lot is open to families who wish to walk their child to the HUG and GO zones.
 Areas along W 10th Ave can also be a drop-off location for Bridges and Foundation students.
 The parking lot is also an area to drop off Walkabout and other students entering through the west side entrances.

Pick-up Updates
 Students will continue to exit through their designated doors.
 The Bus Loop is closed for PM pick-up as this created too much congestion with our 5 buses and cars. Pick-up for students grades K-6 will be along W 10th Ave.
 Families may also continue to utilize the dirt parking lot if they wish to pick up students at HUG and GO zones near their designated doors.
 Please create a pick-up plan with your kiddos and/or siblings so that students can get safely to their vehicles
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