Pick Up, Drop Off, And Parking

Keep our students SAFE!

You may pick up and drop off your child in the loading zones in front of the school or at the west end of the school.  Parking is available at the far west dirt parking lot.

Let’s work together to keep our community safe!

There is a painted crosswalk and caution should be exercised when driving through the entire parking, pick-up, and drop-off area/s. Parking in the dirt lot is recommended at high volume times as there is rarely an open spot available in the paved lot. District personnel, school staff, and local law enforcement may be on site to assist with student safety.  


  • If you are dropping off or picking up your child in the west parking lot, stay in the right lane (for pick-up/drop- off only) and always move forward as far as you can to fill in all available space
  • Pick-up/drop-off your child once you pass the crosswalk and disabled parking spots
  • Never leave your car unattended at the curb (if you need to get out, find a parking space in the lot)
  • Once you have dropped off/picked up your child, you may carefully move into the one-way lane to exit the lot
  • ALWAYS use the crosswalk, when crossing the parking lot entrance with your child
  • Parking lot speed is 5 MPH


If you are waiting for a ride in the drop-off/pick-up lane, you must stand at the curb, past the disabled parking spots, be alert, and watch for your ride.

  • You need to get in the car quickly so that the car can leave the lot and make room for other cars
  • You are not allowed to cross vehicle lanes of the parking lot to get to a car
  • If your parents park in the lot, you should cross at the crosswalk and carefully walk to the parked vehicle
  • Bicyclists and skateboarders MUST wear a helmet and obey all traffic rules for crossing streets in and around the school property

Lakewood Police Department will strictly enforce traffic and parking regulations in our school zone. This includes:

NO U-TURNS on W 10th Ave

NO PARKING on the south side of W 10th Ave

NO pulling in resident’s private driveways

NO speeding

NO jaywalking

NO cell phone use

NO Aggressive or hostile driving and/or behavior (Remember to practice the ASK principle that we use with our elementary students: is it Appropriate? is it Safe? is it Kind?)


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